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Internet Payment Gateway

Maximise your business opportunity online.

To enable your online business to begin accepting BSP's EasyCard and any Bank's VISA Debit or Credit card, email

Help your online business stay connected with today’s highly informed, decisive and internet savvy consumers with BSP’s internet payment gateway.

Businesses who have adopted this digital product are now able to provide their customers with a complete, seamless and secure check out process that accepts EasyCard and any VISA Debit or Credit card payments.

Despite their diversity, all online businesses have the same goal of easing the online check out process and instilling customer confidence with a secure digital payment facility.

Key Features

International Cards
Accepting VISA Debit and Credit cards. 

BSP Fiji Issued Debit card
Accepting EasyCard and VISA Debit cards.

Improve cashflow
Funds are credited electronically into your BSP account overnight. 

Transaction monitoring
You have access to monitor all online transactions via the merchant portal. 

Secure Payment Gateway
Incoming online transactions are processed securely using BSP's Internet Payment Gateway.


Wider Customer Reach
Geographic locations no longer limit customers from accessing your products and services.
Continue to operate and boost sales conversion beyond your business opening hours.

Instant Transaction Processing
With quicker transaction processing time, businesses reduce customer waiting time and enhance the customer experience

Maximise on Sales
With 24/7 online payment acceptance, customers can shop anytime and from anywhere so you can maximise on sales.

Lower Operation Cost
Reduce costs with an automated sales process and removal of costs associated with operating brick & mortar stores.

With an ‘always open’ online operation, businesses are always accessible to customers.

How does the BSP Internet Payment Gateway work?
  1. Your customer browses your online store
  2. Selects products they wish to purchase and adds to cart
  3. Customer proceeds to check out and opts to pay with BSP
  4. Customer enters payment details
  5. BSP validates details
  6. Customer receipt is generated for successful transaction
  7. Funds transferred into BSP nominated account.
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